November 30, 2009

EQII: Patch Speed

Everquest II has been celebrating the 5th Anniversary of its launch over the last few days, with a special collection, quests in the major cities that you can complete for some nice rewards, and a title - "the Dream Hero"....
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November 23, 2009

Stormhold, Open Dungeons in EQII

Nina and I decided to take a poke at Stormhold on Saturday evening in EQII. Her character, a Mystic, is of an appropriate level for it, and I mentored Shau the Monk down to match. Stormhold is a vast open...
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November 11, 2009

EQII: Dwarf Paladin in Kelethin

I should really be concentrating on levelling Shau, and indeed, on doing enough harvesting to give Ysharros back the T4 rares I owe her. However, Shau hit level 33 last night, and has 34 AA points, so I reckon he's...
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November 9, 2009

EQII: Monking Around

I found some time recently to play EQII. This was a nice change, since I haven't had time to play anything much for about a month. The character of choice this time was Shau, my barbarian monk. Shau is resolutely...
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August 31, 2009

EQII Monk, Levelling and Gear

My monk, Shau, is now level 22. He has an appearance tab (which holds something very like the initial monk outfit, because I think it's great), a surname ('Ironflank', having decided not to use 'Lin' on grounds that someone would...
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July 29, 2009


So I've been playing Everquest II for a couple of months now - not enough time to get any of my characters to a high level, but enough to get to low-mid-levels, and give the 'subgames' of crafting, housing, etc,...
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May 27, 2009

Everquest II: What's Wrong With Brokers?

The broker system in Everquest II is fairly complex, and I'm still getting the hang of it. It bears a bit more resemblance to the Market system of EVE than to WoW's auction house, although with the important note that...
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Everquest II: Why I Like It

Well, I'm past the trial, bought myself a game card to continue, and am enjoying Everquest II massively. I'm trying to work out some of what makes it entertaining, particularly in comparison to other games, and WoW in particular. First...
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May 14, 2009

Everquest II: Housing

At level 12, I took Ephrator the Kerra Necromancer looking for the capital city for his starting region. Since he's a necromancer, he's evil, and since he's evil, he starts off near Gorowyn. It's actually quite challenging to find Gorowyn,...
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May 11, 2009

Everquest II: First Impressions

With the help of FilePlanet, I finally got EQII downloaded and installed. There was a nasty moment when the newly installed game put up the exact same 'updating...' message as I'd been looking at all through Saturday, but it only...
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May 10, 2009

Everquest II, Station Launcher

So, my notion of playing EQII for a bit was going swimmingly up until Sony got involved. I got a trial invitation (thanks, Ysharros), got set up with the necessary accounts, and started downloading. For EQII, you need to first...
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May 7, 2009

Everquest 2

Visuals of EQ2 Guildhalls in the last week or so have tipped me over to the point where I want to give the game a shot. However, I gather that the guild aspect is an important part of the game,...
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