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Drew Shiel lives in Dublin, Ireland, with his wife Nina, housemate Dave, and cat Miroza. By day, he's a web developer, and in real life, he's a gamer, book addict, bitstream bather, hobbyist cook, SCAdian, and many more things besides. People from long ago will know him as Andrew Shiel.

Drew was born in Dublin in 1977, raised in Wexford, first near Camolin and then near Bunclody. He went to school in Carnew NS Upper, and FCJ Bunclody, and attended Trinity College Dublin, for a while. He met Nina in 1997 in Trinity, and is eternally grateful for it.

Drew drinks a lot of coffee.

(By the way, if you're landing here after doing a web search on my name, drop me a line! My email address is gothwalk@gmail.com - I get very curious about people who're running those searches.)

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Hi, have you got Cast-Alright-mp3?.

Posted by: Luis Valino at March 15, 2006 10:43 AM