EQII: Dwarf Paladin in Kelethin

I should really be concentrating on levelling Shau, and indeed, on doing enough harvesting to give Ysharros back the T4 rares I owe her. However, Shau hit level 33 last night, and has 34 AA points, so I reckon he's doing ok. I took a brief break to start a new alt, for a couple of reasons.

First and foremost, I wanted an alt who could wear plate, so that I could use the heirloom appearance armour from the Hallowe'en maze while not looking completely daft. And don't tell me a fist-weapon monk kicking and punching in full plate would not look stupid... so Rubez, a dwarf paladin, was created.

Another reason for a new alt was to try out the Kelethin starting area - I've been through the Qeynos one a couple of times now. So Rubez started off doing scutwork for the faeries. And man, I could not get out of there fast enough. The area is almost offensively pink and yellow, and the quests are, in some cases, badly overly saccharine.

So I was glad to leave that starting area behind and get into Kelethin proper - for about ten minutes. That was when I discovered that Kelethin is impossible to navigate, and the inhabitants (many of whom, to be fair, have wings) do not believe in railings. I ran through a few quests, did the housing one, and then decided I would get out of there, too, as quickly as possible. I got a guild invite from g33kg0dd3ss, found a guild door in a visitor-accessible house in Kelethin, and got to Qeynos as fast as the magic could carry me.

Rubez, unlike Shau, is going to be a crafter. I reckon he'll go in the direction of making his own plate mail, since I don't have any alts doing that yet. As yet, though, he has only barely started the crafting tutorial quest, so it'll be be a while before he's doing much that's useful.

I do need to find out if I can place display cases in the houses of alts, or if they all need to have their own houses - Ephrator, at least, is getting toward the point where he could usefully make stuff intended for sale. I'll want to do that crafting somewhere other than the guildhall, too - I don't want to use up guild supplies for stuff that's for profit.

Posted by Drew Shiel at November 11, 2009 11:52 AM

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