House of Worms: Page 2

By popular demand, here's a second page of House of Worms, my all-new straight-from-screenshots World of Warcraft comic:

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For those interested, it's very simple - you spend half an hour per character getting them lined up where you want them, take screenshots, repeat with each character, then go into Photoshop, cut'n'paste 'em until they're in the one shot, swear cos the lighting is off, go back to WoW, get more screenshots, try again, realise you're going to have to futz around with more cut and paste, and why is Malamor's bloody hair so awkward to copy... posterise with the nice handy filter, adjust colours and do some more adjustment with edges, then cut and paste the right section of each shot onto the main background, add the text balloons, add the text, add the little directional widget that tells you who said what, and presto! Four hours later, Robert is the uncle your family hide in the basement.

Welcome to the House of Worms. I'm not sure the fanatic gleam of the newly converted comes across for Chalcedony, but believe me, it's there.

(Tell your friends. Tell your guildies. Bring me fame, and I'll bring you more comics.)

Posted by Drew Shiel at May 15, 2006 7:28 AM

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