Wurm Online: New Deed

I have a new deed in Wurm Online. I haven't really pulled up stakes as such; it's only slightly down the hill from my old place, which has now been handed over to Carawyn, as a character can only own one deed at a time. Importantly, however, the new deed is on the shore, and even more importantly, I don't need to farm it for food at the same time, so I can go about stripping it back to rock for terraforming and prospecting purposes.

The new place is Parable Harbour, and for those with maps of Deliverance, it's where Freeport (and then New Freeport) used to be. Thus far, we've put in a shore-side road, which was lacking there for a long time, and plonked down a few bulk storage bins. And, of course, stripped the dirt off about 20% of it where it slopes up the hill to Kendra.

My intention is to surface mine it down into neat terraces, and then recover. Since there's no need to accommodate anyone else there - no traders, merchants, wells, or other amenities - I intend to make it comfortably mazy, like an old house that's been extended a few times, had doors walled up, and so on. A few tunnels will make it interestingly three-dimensional. If I'm feeling particularly capricious, I'll shape it so that the maze eventually leads to one walled-off off-deed area where there're a few prizes of some kind in a chest.

For actual utility, I'm intending the bulk of it to be under fruit trees and crop land - that's vegetable crops, mind, not grazing pens. The horses and cattle will remain up on Parable Halls, I think, and will never be terribly numerous.

I'm wondering if something happened to the spawn rate lately, though; there was a time when there were ten and twenty mobs a day wandering onto my deed and getting killed off; it's now more on the order of two. And I haven't seen a unicorn in months. So perhaps I'll actually need to breed some more cattle, so as to have a steady meat supply. Thing is that that takes a lot of cattle; it's at least ten days for them to get to a state where they're worth butchering, and I get, at best, 4 meat from them. That's about enough for one evening's eating, really. So I'd need two cattle a day for two of us, which means two more calves per day, which basically means I need somewhere between twelve and twenty breeding cows... which means a good range of pens, and enough extra crops to reseed them when they graze and trample them. Or some enchanted grass, admittedly.

The horses are even slower to mature, but I can't ride yet, and don't use the large cart all that much. So no rush there, and I have enough of them to keep me in stock for a good while.

Posted by Drew Shiel at July 9, 2012 2:07 PM

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