Goblinworks & Pathfinder Online

There's another developer blog post at Goblinworks, by Ryan Dancey, about Pathfinder Online. It's about classes and levels, specifically. Now, I haven't written about Pathfinder Online before, because in many ways, it's too good to ever come true. Having seen other sandbox-ish fantasy games appear, move slowly, and either disappear or remain very minority interests, I am pessimistic about this new example. But the ideas are so very shiny.

Look at this short list of beautiful features and cherry-picked quotes from what's already known, for example.

  • Sandbox-y game
  • Limited entry
  • "thoroughly developed economic system"
  • Player-created banks and auction houses
  • "ad-hoc or permanent [player] groups ranging in size from small parties to large settlements and even huge nations"

Is this not perfect? Does this not cleave closely to my ideal game?

I am, I think, doomed to look forward to this one.

Posted by Drew Shiel at January 7, 2012 2:22 PM

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