Bring & Buy Stand for Gaelcon 2011

Nina and I have run a Bring & Buy stand at Gaelcon a few times now, and we're doing so again for Gaelcon 2011. The idea is that people bring stuff, we sell it, and the profits get split - at least 20% goes to the Gaelcon Charity fund, and the now ex-owner gets the balance. They can opt to give more to charity, of course, and lots of people give 100%.

There's a spot on the Gaelcon Site advertising the stand, so I'm hoping that will bring in lots of good stuff to sell, and plenty of eager buyers. Basically, we've usually been able to sell anything except 3rd Edition and 3.5 D&D stuff - I think everyone who wants that material already has it. But there's some stuff I'd love people to go over their shelves for.

First, I guarantee you that if you have old Spelljammer, Planescape, Birthright, or Dark Sun material, it will sell. In some cases there, it will sell because I will seize it gleefully, put money into the cashbox, and not let any actual customers near it, but the end effect is the same.

Painted miniatures were a surprisingly good set of sales last year; we even sold one Warhammer Fantasy Battle army, box and all, for a very good price.

Vintage games - as in, those over 20 years old - will also sell fast. 1st Edition D&D - or indeed, the older red box, white box, and so on, will definitely go out very quickly.

Boardgames - at least the good ones - go out fast. If you've something like Space Crusade or Talisman or something sitting in a cupboard taking up space, do bring it in; we'll turn it into money for you and the Charity Fund.

We had some old gaming zines on the table for about 15 seconds last year. Judging by the expression on the face of the guy who homed in on them from across the hall, and ran to buy them, I think he might have been a little bit pleased to find them. Old copies of Dragon and Dungeon, from back in days of yore when they were on paper, will also sell well. White Dwarf, unless they're really old (issue numbers below 100) are not AS likely to sell - but we've sold some of those too.

Some of the old White Wolf material, particularly Demon: The Fallen and Wraith: The Oblivion will move very, very quickly.

And finally, if there is stuff you're looking out for, please let me know beforehand, or at the convention. We'll take your name, and hold stuff for you - there's no commitment to buy, but we'd appreciate you checking back about twice a day, so we can put stuff you don't decide to buy back on the stand.

For this purpose, you can contact me at:

Posted by Drew Shiel at August 29, 2011 12:05 PM

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