Wurm Online: The Village of Stonehaven

The village I joined in Wurm is the Isocracy of Stonehaven. So far, it has been nothing but good; I have a place to stay, the use of supplies and tools, a place to dig out iron ore with a forge right alongside, and essentially all that I could want to get started properly in the game.

Stonehaven is still a small enough settlement, with four or five full citizens and, I think, about half a dozen applicants who are working their way toward full citizenship. It's well established, though, in a location that's not too far from the population centres, but only very sparsely populated itself. Indeed, it's on the edge of an area of marshland, which is being converted, bit by bit, into farmland. At first I thought there was no land access - having made my way there by walking as far as I could, and then swimming the last bit - but it turns out there's a road, albeit not the easiest to find, and not quite joining up over a stretch of marshy hillside.

Much like EVE, having an established group to find your feet with makes a huge difference. Not only do I have my own projects to get on with, but there are group projects to get involved with. There are some ships under construction - one quite sizable, and that's an area I want to get involved in. There's also farming to be done, and there are quite a number of horses and cows on the property.

I've yet to work out what the politics of the area are like, or indeed, if there are any, but I'm getting a feeling for where places are at this stage, and how far away and/or accessible they are. It's good to start feeling like I know the place.

Posted by Drew Shiel at May 7, 2011 10:18 PM

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