Wurm Online: Told To Move On

So, that nice spot I'd found in Wurm Online? Was apparently too near one of the neighbours for his liking. The hammering noises that construction makes can be heard for some distance in the game, and the "local" channel - much like EVE's - allows you to see who's in the area. So out of the blue, as I was working on my house, I got a message going "Is that you banging? Where are you, and what are you doing?", followed by a fairly solid interrogation as to where I was, what my intentions were, and so on.

Not wanting to be on bad terms with the neighbours, I answered politely and gave him as much information as he wanted. End result was him arriving on my little plot, and straight up telling me to leave, because I was too close to his house. "Too close" means that if you knew where to look, you could see some of the modified terrain at the edge of his property from where I was building. I considered this for a few minutes, and then broke down the house (losing the materials thus far put in), and headed off. While I don't appreciate the treatment, at least it appeared before I got properly settled in - I don't want to have someone like that next door, even if next door is over the horizon.

I considered looking for a third spot, but went to look at the forums instead, to see if there were any villages looking for people. I found one, and went about locating it in the game. It wasn't TOO hard to make my way there, and I've spoken to some of the people around, and found them to be good sorts. Next thing is to buttonhole one of the administrators, when they're on, which I'm told they should be later on. They have a discussion board, and the general feel of that is pretty good. The difference in attitude from the "move, now" guy is pretty strong. Hopefully, they're still looking for people, and I'll get on with them.

Posted by Drew Shiel at May 4, 2011 5:51 PM

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