Doctor Who: Victory of the Daleks

I have to say, I'm not keen on the Daleks. I know they're the traditional enemy of the Doctor, and I know they've been responsible for thousands of children hiding behind sofas, etc, but really, if you come to them as an adult, they're dustbins on wheels who talk like clockwork toys. Spoilers follow, in neat bulleted format.

Things I liked:

  • Amy
  • Winston Churchill
  • Bracewell
  • WWII Fighters in Spaaaaace

Things I didn't like:

  • The Daleks
  • The new iDaleks, or Delleks, or whatever we're calling them

It was a decent episode, overall, but I do wonder how much connection to the overall plot it's going to have. There was the crack, of course, of which I was getting quickly tired at this stage.

I'm much more interested in why Amy can't remember the Dalek invasion of Earth, or indeed any of the other such events. This seems to be a much more widespread thing than Donna, for instance, managing to miss the events each Christmas for the last several years. I'd very much like to know what politics Amy remembers - what Prime Ministers, and so on.

Posted by Drew Shiel at May 1, 2010 11:54 PM

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