Doctor Who: The Beast Below

Spoilers follow for Episode 2 of Series 5 of Doctor Who: The Beast Below.

I'm torn on whether I liked this episode or not. There were plenty of bits that I did like, but the whole thing seemed a little... obvious.

Liz Ten was great. I particularly like the notion that the Queen of England in some future time is something other than a white Anglo-Saxon.

The lines that Amy had, though, about the similarity between the space whale and the Doctor were... painful. Really terrible. I mean, I can see that there's an attempt there to show that she's perceptive and can make connections quickly and so on, and that's great - it makes a difference from the obliviousness of some of the other companions - but it could have been far more subtle, and still been visible from orbit.

And that, apart from the kooky visuals, and the recurrence of the crack pattern on the side of Starship UK at the end, seems to have been it. The episode was basically a chance to show that Amy is active and forthright, and there wasn't a whole lot more there.

Who else spotted Magpie Electricals, though? That was, if I'm not mistaken, also the name of the shop in The Idiot's Lantern.

Posted by Drew Shiel at May 1, 2010 9:13 PM

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