Doctor Who Series 5

I have, despite appearances, been watching the new season of Doctor Who. I'll be doing an episode by episode catch-up soon, but I have some thoughts about the new series in general as well. Spoilers follow!

So far, I am reasonably happy with the series. Matt Smith makes a good Doctor, and Karen Gillan's Amy is a great companion (who looks like having a personality and history of her own, rather than just being a reflection of the Doctor). Smith's age is set off by his set of very peculiar impressions. There's something vaguely BFG-ish about him, for those familiar with the works of Roald Dahl. And the script-writing has been fairly solid.

However... the cracks-in-reality thing is being overcooked; I prefer my season-long arcs to be subtle.

I'm much more interested in Amy not knowing about / not remembering the Daleks, and in the fact that the Eleventh Doctor seems even less capable of controlling his "new" Tardis than ever before. Now, he's been late before, and indeed, his being late was an important part of the plot of Moffat's own Girl in the Fireplace. But he hasn't been on time for ANYTHING since the regeneration, not even the call from Winston Churchill.

More analysis on the episode posts, coming soon!

Posted by Drew Shiel at April 21, 2010 9:21 PM

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