Darkfall Day 29

David X. Messer's penultimate Darkfall post...

I'm cheating a little. This is the last post, next post will be a bit of a wrap up piece on thoughts so far. I'd love to say that for my last day there was a huge amount of action and that it was a day to remember, in truth it was probably a day to forget!

The evening started in the usual way. When I log out in the evenings I usually try and log out in a city. So when I logged in I appeared in ryzerok. This would have been fine except that Kryzerok had changed hands in the 24 hours or so since I was last in game and I was very quickly cut to ribbons and found myself back at the clan Hamlet when I respawned. A quick shout out on the alliance channel and I'd found out that the City had been exchanged for some political reason or other and that the clan that previously owned it were now disbanding.

Checking the Darkfall political map I tried to find another city nearbythat we were allied with that I could hang out in and I set off on a mount. When I got there I discovered just how out of date the politicalmap can be when I was 3 shotted while trying to find a way into the city. That's ok though as I'd bound myself to a chaos stone, ummm, oh actually the chaos stone was in a completely useless place and I was now faced with a long walk back to the clan Hamlet where the nearest bank was.

On getting back to the Hamlet I used my house recall to get me to Namlit with the intention of swiming north to the Alfar lands to try and find an allied city on the mainland. This went quite well until I spotted something in the distance which looked like a strange graphical glitch. The close it got I realised it wasn't a glitch. No. It was the Kraken and it cut me to ribbons pretty quickly despite me moving as quickly as I could to get away. That Kraken is a pretty fast swimmer let me tell you!

Respawning back at the clan Hamlet I used my house recall again to get me to Namlit where I quickly farmed the steedgrass I needed to replace the mounts I'd lost. At this point I decided to cut my losses and recalled back to the clan Hamlet where I banked the loot and called it a night. Not a very exciting evening, but there you go!

So that's it from me. At this point I have to express my thanks to everyone who has been reading along and everyone who left comments. I really wasn't expecting anyone to really notice I was blogging the 30 days of my subscription so imagine my surprise to see AV mention me in one of their Spotlight posts in the offical forums.

I'd also like to thank the members of the (sadly soon to be defunct) Clan Infusion on EU-1. In particular Tupelo Siah, Reidar Beck and Vaettr Storm. You guys are a real credit to the game, and it's been fantastic playing with you. I've picked up another month of subscription, and I'm quite looking forward to seeing where the game takes me next month!

Posted by Drew Shiel at January 4, 2010 8:03 PM

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