Darkfall Day 24

The best laid plans, of course, didn't happen. What happened instead was there was a shift in Clan alliances wherein the Clan I'm in has moved sideways and is now allied with a completely different bunch of Clans.

The way I came to discover this was over the course of the weekend a nearby city was laid seige to by sea. At this point there was talk in the alliance channel that either the ship used to launch the attack or another ship used in a separate attack was built in one of our alliance cities thereby violating some unspoken rule somewhere or other that I don't quite understand yet. They seemed pretty upset about it at any rate. I decided I wanted to get a closer look at the city seige so I hoped on a mounted and headed over.

This was quite a traumatic experience as I was a good 20 minutes away at the time and all I heard in the Clan Alliance channel was how much damage the city was taking and by the time I got there it was nearly all over. Just as I approached the city gates and spotted where the action was taking place I was cut to ribbons in what felt like 3 seconds! Later on that evening I made the journey across the map again and bound myself to the city as news filtered down that these guys were our new allies. The layout of their city was much more organised, the Arch mage stocked a whole bunch of new spells which I hadn't seen before, and everything was much closer togetheri. Previously the runs between the bank and the various crafting stations was pretty tedious, but not it was much less time consuming. As I looked through some of the new spells available to me it became apparent that I shouldn't be ignoring magic so much. I'd largely just concentrated on my melee skills, but even though the new expansion favours melee a lot of the useful basic magic skills like "heal mount" assume that you're of a certain level. So that'll be something I'll be doing this week.

News via the Clan channel emerged that sadly one of our Clan leaders has decided to retire from Darkfall. The plan now is to hopefully fold ourselves into one of the Clans we're allied with. This has a couple of interesting aspects. This particular clan are quite advanced with their plans to do some sea based PVP. Also there are rumours of another city seige headed our way over this coming weekend. Generally speaking this new Clan alliance are much more organised. Everyone seems to hang around on a Vent server which has different channels for each clan, PVP channels, PVE channels. Most importantly for me is that they're quite social so I'm hoping to pick up some useful tips and, dare I say this given how often I keep saying it and don't do it, get out a little more into some PVP.

Posted by Drew Shiel at December 22, 2009 8:46 PM

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