Darkfall Day 23

David X. Messer lays plans to get out into the world of Darkfall.

A couple of things happened this evening which confirmed a couple of thoughts I'd had recently. The first of which is the recall point to a fellow clan members house I'd been using is no longer safe. This recall point takes me to their house on a remote island (you can see where this is going) which has been really useful as a point where I could farm away and not really care about PKs finding me. Now of course that the "conquer the seas" expansion is out, islands are no longer remote and are incredibly easy (even desirable) to get to in a way they just weren't before. On the one hand that's quite a let down, on the other hand what the hell am I talking about. I'm really lucky to have had the space to take my time gathering etc. The island I was using now has two houses on it which are owned by PKs. This led to some hijinks later on in the evening when I tried to help capture a nearby control point and the one PK wiped the floor with three of us.

While we all respawned back at the Hamlet on the other side of the map we decided to cheer ourselves up a bit and that we'd go farm some mobs. A bit of a trek and shortly after getting there I found I'd completely forgotten anything I'd learned about mob combat and died pretty quickly. Being the second death of the evening I decided that the game was trying to tell me something and called it a night there.

A couple of things occurred to me at this point. The first is that I really need to stop relying on my Clan mates to entertain me and the second is that I really need to go out and cause some trouble on my own. In theory, nothing should be stopping me doing this so long as I'm careful not to bite off more than I can chew. So that's the plan for the next evening.

Posted by Drew Shiel at December 11, 2009 1:39 PM

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