Darkfall Days 21 & 22

David X. Messer compresses time in Darkfall.

Yes, I'm cheating bundling days 21 + 22 together, but the reasons are simple.

Day 21, the server was down all evening. The forums suggested that there was a patch being applied that afternoon and it didn't take a huge amount of imagination to work out that this could have over run. Either way there was no Darkfall today.

Day 22, I have enough time to login and start organising what I was going to do that evening before one of my Clan mates mentioned there was a server reboot coming. Apparently one of the new features of the expansion, the sea fortresses, was giving some issues. The timers on when you could take them over were resetting every 10 minutes or so which wasn't intended. Fair enough. Though the first system wide metnion that a reboot was coming when I had a windows dialog box appear on my screen telling me the server was being rebooted. Now, I may have not been paying attention to one of the many tabs in one of the chat windows, but that felt a bit harsh. There's a "Even the server reboots in Darkfall are hardcore!" joke to be made there, but at the time I wasn't finding it
particularly funny.

So there you go, another 2 days, another 2 days with minimal playing happening.

Posted by Drew Shiel at December 11, 2009 1:35 PM

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