Darkfall Day 20

David X. Messer seethes quietly in Darkfall.

While waiting for the clan channel to deliver my daily dose of something to do the topic of building up our clan Hamlet and where we'd get the funds to do so. As the server hadn't been up that long there were a couple of control points up for grabs so I headed out to a remote island with the intention of capturing one. The island turned out to have some kind of abandoned structure on it of which I got some screen shots using the newly fixed screenshot feature.

Capturing a control point seemed to involve merely hitting it with a seige hammer (luckily I'd bought that skill some time ago) and was about as interesting as you'd expect. Given it's a remote island I fully expect those Clans who have built ships to be troubling that control point on a regular basis but I guess we'll see.

The whole clan expansion thing had the strange effect where the materials that I'd been farming with the sole intention of boosting my stats, are suddenly now desired by the clan for furthering our aims. Of course by this point I'm sick to death of farming and want to go and cause some trouble somewhere. Timing seemed to be against me today, and the evening passed way way too quietly for my liking.

Posted by Drew Shiel at December 7, 2009 7:41 PM

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