Darkfall Day 19

David X. Messer thinks about the Darkfall expansion, since he can't play it much yet.

The morning brought news, via the offical Darkfall twitter account, that the patch notes were now available :


Excellent to see they've 'fixed' the screenshot hot key! Heading into the game and just having a ferret around I picked up a couple of tit bits.Apparently mobs are a bit harder now. Forum posts suggest they do a bit more damage but in some cases die a bit quicker. I spent a bit of time finishing the mining node I'd logged in next to, and while that was going on I opened the new player journal. For some reason the mining progress bar appeared on top of the journal so I couldn't read what was behind it. Possibly it did that before the expansion I don't rightly remember. The trouble with being relatively new to the game is that I kept spotting things that looked new to me which were probably already there and may have just been moved around.

I logged out for a couple of hours at this point and when I came back I found the server had been taken down and didn't come back up again until the following day which makes the entry for day 19 rather short I'm afraid!

Posted by Drew Shiel at December 7, 2009 7:38 PM

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