Darkfall Day 17

David X. Messer works on making the numbers go up in Darkfall.

Logging in for the evening I checked what the status of the expansion was, apparently it's due on the 4th of December now, which gives me a bit more time to experience the old world before it potentially all changes.

Today there were two things I wanted to do. The first was find out how to increase my base stats, the second was to get 50-75 or so points in the bowyer skill so I could start making some decent bows.

Let's start with the skills. Given there are no levels in Darkfall, you gain skill points by doing stuff, but it's not immediately obvious what stuff. A quick trip for the forums and I have a rough guide :


STR: Logging
VIT: Mining
DEX: Throwing [..] Archery is the cheapest way to raise Dex, but it's way slower.
QCK: Riding
INT: Casting
WIS: Fishing and Cooking [..]. Herb Gathering is slower on WIS, but gives a little int as well.

Even if that's not entirely accurate, logging and mining are the two things needed to make arrows and thus level my bowyer skill so I knew what I'd be spending my evening doing! A good 2-3 hours mining, logging and then smelting the iron ore, making the timber into wood and then making them into arrows. It should be said that grinding out the skills like this is pretty slow, but my plan was simply to be able to make my own archery equipment rather than relying on drops to keep me going.

I had a rather naive assumption that being encumbered due to carry so much timber would mean I was less likely to have my materials stolen should I get ganked out somewhere in the wilds. This assumption, of course, proved to be wrong as a Clan mate pointed out the various skills you can buy to increase your carrying abilities. That was ok though. A lesson learned the hard way is a lesson not forgotten.

A group of 3-5 PKs appeared in the City I'd been doing my crafting in, and despite the guard tower, they made short work of pretty much anyone they came across. At this point I made a mental note to check out some player videos on youtube to see if I could spot any interesting tactics that might get used in such situations, but that's a job for another day.

Right now my bowyer skill is now coming along very nicely, and I now have more arrows than I know what to do with! Though this doesn't make for a very exciting post, so apologies for that.

Posted by Drew Shiel at November 30, 2009 12:28 PM

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