Darkfall Day 15

David X. Messer gets ganked again in Darkfall, but finds safety in numbers. Contains expansion commentary.

Day 15 started out with me being ganked twice. Which was fine, I wasn't carrying anything of value, but I gather people like to know when PKs so I thought I'd do my bit and I put a shout out in the Alliance channel.

In what felt like 30 seconds later I've got not one, but two alliance players right there with me and asking difficult questions like where the PK was, did I see which direction he went in, what kind of armour did he have, was the PK in a clan etc. I made a mental note to make sure I collected this information in the future. It was kinda reassuring to see that the nearby city being inhabited again is making our hamlet a little safer.

The rest of the evening was spent picking flowers to gather some steed grass to replace the two mounts I've lost over the past couple of days. The steed grass came easily enough. I passed the time gathering by talking on the Clan channel about the coming expansion and what features we were all looking forward to. Thanks to "billyhicks" comment on my Day 12 post, the following URL captures most of what's known right now :


I think from that list the thing that looks most exciting is the dynamic lore system, as expected I couldn't see anything that'd really benefit me at this stage of my characters development, but the updated quest journal would be pretty useful. While I finished up gathering I mounted up and headed for the Alfar lands in an attempt to get some screenshots for a future post.

Before I knew it, 2-3 hours disappeared in what felt like only an hour. Again.

Posted by Drew Shiel at November 26, 2009 4:03 PM

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