Darkfall Day 14

David X. Messer goes exploring, and engages in some time-altering PvP in Darkfall.

Today I decided to go exploring. By this point I've got about 5 mounts so I decided I could afford to waste one. I stripped down to just some gathering tools and mounted up and set out east to explore the larger of the islands. Of course, this was peak PK time, but I was on a mount so I didn't think anything of this. I managed to get about a quarter of the way across the island before I found out exactly how quickly three players on foot can take down a player on a mount. I think I managed about 15 seconds if I'm being optimistic.

Another valuable lesson learned, and actually this lesson would come in handy sooner than I realised.

I asked around the Clan channel if there was anything happening today, apparently not but having shown interest I was asked if I'd like to go and farm some mobs at which point two other people asked if they could come along! So off we went to pummel some mobs. This involved a group of warrior mobs with a caster thrown in which proved quite tricky. There was at least one other n00b in the group as well as myself, and we couldn't quite get the caster down quickly enough to then be able to finish off the rest of the pack. We ported back to the Clan hamlet where we lost a member of the group due to the hour of the night and then the three of us set off to find some other mobs. We'd managed to get about 5 minutes away from our hamlet to a water crossing before there was an explosion nearby. I looked over to see where it'd come from and saw what looked like a pack of mobs on a hilltop. "PKs!" shouted our group leader. He sped off over another hill and we quickly followed. I tried to weave around as much as possible based on the direction the fire was coming from, something which I'd failed to do with my earlier PK encounter.

We ran off and headed for a nearby friendly city and were chased for a good ten minutes, including the water crossing outside the city limits and right into the city itself. I barely had time to remember to dismount before going anywhere near other players for fear of having my mount stolen. At this point the city guard tower kicked in and the friendly alliance players in the city, who I'd seen earlier in the day just standing around, suddenly came alive.

This is where things got a bit hazy. This was the first situation like this I'd been in so I didn't quite know what the done thing to be doing was. I stood behind a wall mostly to make sure I wasn't in the line of fire, and then followed the sound of people firing bows to try and help repel the invaders. By the time I'd managed to track down the defenders it seems that the PKs were low on health already and had started to make a run for it and were already being chased out of the city and even across the water away from the city!

There were a bunch of tombstones left over where players had died, and I found it quite difficult to work out which were the tombstones of PKs and which were the tombstones of our fallen allies. The best advice I've seen on this so far is to ask in the Clan alliance channel, but it really felt like there should be an easier way.

At this point I went back to the city, and wondered where the past 2-3 hours went.

Posted by Drew Shiel at November 25, 2009 3:56 PM

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