Darkfall: Day Eight

David X. Messer's eighth day of Darkfall sees him visiting player cities and player housing.

"Do you want to try a fairly safe Goblin and mining spawn?" I was asked shortly after logging in. I fancied building up some more weapon skill, and a stash of arrows so I could practice my archery skills. So I thought why the hell not. My Clan mate shared his house recall point with me, which set my house recall point to be his player house. I'd not seen the player housing in Darkfall yet so this seemed like a good idea on so many levels.

To use the "House recall" you need to have the "House recall" ability, which is easily purchased. However the Clan hamlet didn't have an arcanist so I needed to travel north to the nearest city. I'd heard about this place a couple of days before. Apparently we needed to use the "Launch" ability to get into the place for reasons I forgot to ask about at the time. My Clan mate assured me I wouldn't need it, and that he'd show me how to get in without it. Today was made of win.

A quick swim north to another island and we were outside the walls of the city. Now, I'm not sure whether you're supposed to discuss failings in city defences openly, so I'll not say exactly at what point we got in, but suffice to say this was something else I'd not seen before. A complete player city, presumably entirely built by the Clan it belonged to. If I'd actually had my wits about me I'd have taken some screenshots, so expect some pictures in an upcoming post. "House recall" purchased, I ctivated it and watched the scroll bar forwhat seemed like forever. And then I was at my Clan mates house. And woah. Player housing is kind of extraordinary in Darkfall. Again, I'm kicking myself for not being able to show you what it looked like, it's not an abstract concept like combat, trading etc, it's just so great to look at.

Ten minutes later I'd located the goblin spawn and spent an hour or two farming arrows, building up my skinning and great axe skills. With the occasional bit of mining. I also discovered that goblins are a bit on the difficult side to confidently massacre when there are too many trees in the way but such is life.

Posted by Drew Shiel at November 17, 2009 10:25 PM

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