Darkfall Day Four

Apologies for the late arrival of Day Four's happenings - it's my fault, not David X. Messer's.

Today's entry is going to be a bit short, as I only got an hour or so of play and even that was interupted constantly so I didn't get as much done as I'd like. In lieu of some real content, have some bullet points.

  • So I log into the game for the first time since the day before to find I've got graphics glitches. To add to that my bank appears to be missing half the items that were there the day before. I didn't think anything of this as by this point I'm in the mindset of not caring when I lose gear anymore. I log out to fix the graphics glitches which didn't fix things. Turns out that this is a known problem and simply changing your screen resolution to something else and back fixes it. Weird. And then my bank items reappeared. I'm not sure exactly how a graphics glitch managed to make half of my inventory "disappear" but there you go.
  • On more than one occasion I've re-entered the game after logging out to do something in Windows to find that Darkfall has either forgotten or changed my graphics settings.
  • I had my first ever server disconnect! Which was great as I got to see what happens. The first thing I noticed was that when trying to reconnect it'd kick me out again. Repeatedly. So I tried to log in, repeatedly. It then told me I'd been temporarily banned for logging in too quickly.
  • Following on from the above, I'd diconnected after killing a mob. I'd logged back in to find that since disconnecting I'd died somehow. I'm assuming some other mobs must have seen me and then killed me. So here I was at my chosen spawn point, naked, with no gear other than the default blade you always get. Server disconnects have consequences too!
  • Somewhere in the options I turned on chat logging. This had the effect that I still had all the Clan/Trade/Race/Tell windows still open when I logged in the next day. This is fantastic, I know you can do this with addons in WoW but having the option as part of the default install
    is just great.
  • I tried a bit of exploring along the coast and found a Elemental mob whose health barely moved when I hit it. So I ran away (tm) and then tried to swim across a lake. Except it wasn't a lake, well, it didn't have water in it but instead had acid. I think I learned a valuable lesson

More tomorrow, when I'll hopefully get another good 2-3 hours in.

Posted by Drew Shiel at November 13, 2009 9:36 AM

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