Doctor Who: Dreamland

In "stuff I did not know was coming", there's an image on the SFX website from a new Doctor Who animated piece, called Dreamland.

David Tennant will be doing the voice work, and it's executive produced (what does that mean?) by Russell T. Davies. The director is one Gary Russell. As far as I can make out from web searches, Gary Russell is a solid Doctor Who fan, having edited the DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE in the early 90s. Amusingly, he also played Dick Kirrin in the late 70s Famous Five TV series, a piece of TV that had not crossed my mind in decades. Further research reveals that Patrick Troughton (the Second Doctor) also had a bit part in that same series - and I am now closing IMDB and stepping away.

The image released is interesting; it definitely looks like David Tennant, but the animation style is one I'm not familiar with - a very computer generated look, and a bit of an Uncanny Valley feel to it as well.

It's apparently centred around a diner in Roswell, which sounds oddly like the Roswell TV show - of which, I have to admit, I've only seen a couple of episodes. Maybe that's all there is in Roswell by way of social spaces?

The companion for this adventure is called Cassie Rice. She'll be voiced by Georgia Moffett, who we know as Jenny - the Doctor's Daughter, from the episode of the same name. I wasn't aware before, by the way, that Georgia is the actual real-life daughter of the Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison. I'm glad to see that she's still involved in the Doctor Who continuity, and I really do hope we'll see more of Jenny as well.

Man, British TV is a small world.

Posted by Drew Shiel at August 21, 2009 11:58 AM

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