EVE: Getting into Wormholing?

So a mail came through on the corporation mailing list this morning. It read, in part,

The idea is to go wormhole spelunking with a capital ship (carriers, more often that not), and whatever else others have in place or around. Most of us have the ability to fly Recon ships at this point, so the plan would be to go scanning in the lowsec areas looking for wormholes, and when we find one, bookmark it, move to an area away from the wormhole and cyno in the carrier, swap ships (either at a local station or with a ship onboard the carrier), and dive into the unknown.

Was ever a missive so jargon-laden and enticing at the same time?

What my corpmate is talking about is exploring some of the new parts of the EVE universe, hidden away behind wormholes, gaps in the space-time continuum which have, in and of themselves, to be tracked down with some effort. The wormhole itself can only carry a certain tonnage of ships before it closes, so something like a carrier - a ship that can lift a load of smaller ships and carry out some logistics functions - is pretty necessary.

This is by way of being a completely new area of the game; a form of exploration that's actually meaningful. I'm massively looking forward to getting into W-Space, so stay tuned for further information as I try to get trained up for it, get some suitable ships together, and find a way to keep my trading empire running while I'm out in unknown space.

Posted by Drew Shiel at August 18, 2009 3:06 PM

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