Doctor Who Series 5 Coverage

Pictures from filming on Series 5 of Doctor Who have begun to surface, and this is well before the gap year of specials has even completed its run.

The Daily Mail has a set of pictures of Matt Smith and Karen Gillen, varying from shots of them well wrapped up on a Cardiff beach to pictures that look more like stills from the episode. The Mail is also well impressed with Karen Gillen, calling her the Doctor's "gorgeous young redheaded assistant" (although I note they've taken that text out of the headline where it originally appeared - it's now in the page title). Karen's character will apparently be called 'Amy Pond', which is as prosaic a name as you can get, I reckon.

Meantime, Blogtor Who has images of a recurring character - or at least a recurring actor; Alex Kingston, who played River Song in Series 4. My opinion is a bit divided on River Song - on the one hand, I didn't like the character all that much, and on the other, I really liked the situation where she knew the Doctor and he didn't know her. That should happen a lot more than it does. And I like the continuity - I'll forgive a lot for solid continuity, to be honest. However, Amy (let's assume for now that that's her name, and I'll come back and correct it if need be) is depicted in a truly terrible red baggy sweater, short skirt and sneakers on that page. I hope the sweater was just because it was a cold day; if that's the costume, I'm puzzled.

Which leads nicely into the fact there's a fashion critique in the Guardian, which basically says that Matt Smith's Doctor is "too now". Given that what he's wearing in the picture in that article is much like my outfit today (minus the bow tie), this gives me new hope for my own fashion sense. Although I have to admit my blazer is not tweed.

I don't really mind what fashion sense the Eleventh Doctor displays, as long as it's not too jarring in the historical episodes. This looks like it would fit better than, say, some of Tom Baker's outfits.

Posted by Drew Shiel at July 22, 2009 1:44 PM

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