4 Quick Tips for Legends of Zork

Legends of Zork is a Kingdom of Loathing style online game - except it's not quite as punningly juvenile, it has some artwork, and it's connected, however vaguely, to the grand old Zork games. Go, sign up, do a few turns, and then the material below will make more sense.

I have four characters, and am working out some of the details of the game. There are a few things I would have liked to know starting out.

1: There's a skill that gets you more health. On the Skills page, under the Body tab, there's a skill called Thick Skin, which then unlocks one called Brogmoid Hide, each of which nets you one more health point. That's REALLY useful, because every health point is one more combat roll. And then there are skills called Blood Sponge and Pin Cushion, also under Body, which add one more each. And then, when you have all the other Body skills, which will take a while, you can get Warrior, which adds some nice bonuses, and one more health point.

2. As long as you're fighting encounters at your own level, you're probably ok down to 3 health points. That's the threshold at which I go back to base and cash in. Going back to base costs you 2 AP (one to go back to base, one to come back to your current location), so it's worth putting it off until you have to.

3. Make sure there are weapons, armour, and spells in all your slots as soon as you can. Spells have to be in matched pairs; if your attack spell is high magic, then your defense must also be high magic.

4. Traps suck; you get one roll, and if you miss it, you lose all the items you're carrying. Therefore, the Puzzle Solver (Mind) and Tingling Aura (Spirit) skills are good to have - +25% chance on mechanical and magical traps respectively.

More as I work them out...

Posted by Drew Shiel at April 7, 2009 1:06 PM

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