WoW Economics, WoTLK Edition

As noted in the previous post, I'm spending a lot of time playing with the Auction House in WoW. The Auctioneer addon makes it very easy to do so; it would otherwise be a nightmare of data management - although I'm occasionally tempted to break out the spreadsheets anyway.

Here are some good blogs and sites - and some good posts on them - about the current state of affairs in WoW economic circles, and how you too can make thousands off the auction house and live in state of gold-induced bliss. The dreams of rare crafting materials listed on the AH for one copper are your own problem.

Girl Guide's Girly Girl Guide to Preparing for 3.1 is a nice, solid post about getting ready for 3.1 from the plain old don't-break-the-bank point of view.

Just My Two Copper is very possibly the best WoW economics blog out there, and 22 Steps to Using Auctioneer Correctly is an excellent post on it. And here's more economic speculation on WoW patch 3.1, which can't be bad to know about.

Crafter's Tome is a superb WoW tradeskills site, with a good index of recipes, guides, and a crafts-oriented blog alongside it. And, of course, WoWHead is the Source of All Knowledge, and is the first step in working out just why a particular kind of fish sells for 3g each.

Posted by Drew Shiel at March 25, 2009 1:42 PM

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