EVE: PvP Alt

Late last year, I got myself a second EVE account, in order to have a second character who could train at the same time as my main. I also wanted to be able to do some PvP without making my main character's mostly industry-focussed life difficult. So I rolled up a Caldari who's specialised in missiles, and has as few logistics/industry skills as I could get away with. I'm not going to give her name here, since I'd like her not to be easily connected to my main.

So far, she hasn't really seen action yet; some bad luck and inexperience led to a corp op in which she was flying a tackling frigate failing rather badly during the week, before she got to do anything beyond sitting in a low-sec system. The player who got his carrier blown up took it with admirable grace and restraint, I have to say - had I lost a ship that big, I think I'd probably have cried.

I've been flying a few missions with the new character in order to build up standings, which are needed to get into faction warfare. I must say, I'm thoroughly charmed by the sheer destructive power of missiles; I'm getting through most Level 1 missions one-shotting everything that comes near me. With a few more skills - Electronics IV, for instance, which will allow me a second shield booster on the frigate, and which she should finish training on shortly - she'll be well set to take on any Level 1 fairly easily.

At the moment, I'm rather enjoying not 'having to' salvage, because she doesn't have the skill. And at Level 1, it doesn't make all that much difference, but later on, I reckon I'll either have to get some salvaging skills, or have the main take some time out to come in after her and salvage like mad.

The fact that I can run two instances of the EVE client at once make that easier, although my main's current base of operations (probably to change sometime soon) is 14 jumps from where the alt is quartered. On the other hand, she'll likely be moving soon to a higher quality agent, so maybe I can wrangle closer locations.

The eventual aim, though, is to have her working in PvP - probably anti-piracy ops, although I'll give due consideration to anything that allows me blow ships up and have fun.

Having the two characters really makes for a more interesting game - and EVE is not uninteresting to start!

Posted by Drew Shiel at January 23, 2009 8:58 AM

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