WAR: Bright Wizard PvP

Weyland (now Weyland Schmied, Rank 22 Bright Wizard) is still competing with Spencer (Rank 12 Warrior Priest) for being my main, but as you can see, I've pushed ahead with Weyland. This has mainly been fuelled by the sheer awesomeness that is a Bright Wizard in high tier 2 and tier 3 scenarios. Essentially, if there's a competent healer around, who can drop a heal on me every so often, I can do incredible amounts of damage, and keep doing so for some time.

And even with pickup groups, if you queue again as soon as you come out of a scenario, chances are you'll get some of the same group going back into the next one. This is clear on both sides, of course; last night, Weyland got killed by the same Witch Elf over and over and over in three or four scenarios. Until a healer started to concentrate on me, and revenge was had.

There was a Black Orc in the final scenario, a Doomfist Crater game, who seemed to be essentially immortal. He didn't seem to have a healer patching him up - at least, not all the time - he just had more hit points than some gods, and an attitude to match. He was taking down our healers and ranged DPS like there was no tomorrow. Until... I finally worked out that the second morale ability for the BW, Siphon Power, essentially disables a bunch of his tanking abilities for a few crucial seconds. One pop of that, a few DoTs, and then spamming my direct damage abilities while a few other people distract him, and down he goes. Finding little bits of tactical know-how like that is an absolute joy.

Tonight, however, it's time for a Knight of the Blazing Sun!

Posted by Drew Shiel at December 3, 2008 4:13 PM

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