Warhammer Online News Sources

As a followup to Warhammer Online: The Very Basics, here's a list of places to keep an eye on for news concerning the game.

The Greenskin is an excellent WAR blog - I reckon you could get all the relevant news and lore from that one source, to be honest.Recent topics have included the lore concerning the gods, Greenskin name generators, and the kind of machine you'll need to run Warhammer.
Waaagh! is another blog, with more views than news. It's also well worth reading. Recent posts there concern machine specs, who's in the Beta, and a well-wwritten comparison and contrast between WAR and WoW.
Keen and Graev have been following Warhammer news for longer than anyone, really. They've recently looked at the Road To War site, expectations concerning the endgame, and their own future plans with regard to the game, and posting about it.
And finally, The Warhammer Online Herald is a more official source of news, coming as it does from EA Mythic.

Posted by Drew Shiel at August 4, 2008 6:11 PM

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