State of the Games

I'm currently playing two MMOs, and running two tabletop games. I'm soon (all going to plan) going to be playing in another tabletop.

World of Warcraft: The Shattered Sun dailies are still entertaining, and I fully expect Argent Dawn to go to Phase 3 tonight, if it hasn't already. Wormson is levelling fishing (now at 295, and with the Master level book bought and used), and I'm enjoying it greatly. The raid group that my guild belongs to has Karazhan on farm, has had an attempt at Magtheridon, and is going hunting in the Serpentshrine Caverns this week. I have 11 epics, and am starting to work on getting hold of enchantments, good gems, and possibly even dedicated sets of PvP and raiding gear. My bank is pretty nearly full, due in large part to my obstinate tendency to hang onto RP-oriented clothing.

EVE Online: I'm training long skills in EVE, and logging in occasionally to do some trading or manufacturing. The weird bug that makes the game freeze on me for 30-90 seconds every time I go near a jump gate makes it essentially impossible to run missions - a mission that happens two systems away will involve between four and fifteen minutes of looking at a frozen screen, and that's just for the mission-running battleship. By the time I get the salvage destroyer out and back, it's a complete waste of time. Missioning will have to wait until I have a new machine (or a new videocard, or some other upgrade or update), or until a fix appears in the game itself. This is annoying, but the pleasure I'm getting from WoW makes up for it.

Tabletop: My two tabletop games are going well. I can't really say much more without giving away details that I don't want the players to see, but all of them seem to be enjoying themselves, and that's really the main aim of the games.

I'm doing a good bit of world-building (a lot of it purely in my head) at the moment, and narrowing down possibilities for future events and games. There are, I think, too many possibilities for one world, especially since about six of the ideas I have would amount to full setting reboots, or singularities. There's an inherent problem in being a simulationist who likes huge, epic narratives - they leave the world in tatters, and two or more in a row would get very, very messy.

I'm looking forward to the release of D&D's 4th Edition, even if I won't be playing it for some time, and am also following with interest the appearance of the Pathfinder game from Paizo, commonly known as 3.75. This is a splintering in D&D that might actually amount to something on both sides.

Posted by Drew Shiel at April 7, 2008 2:25 PM

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Have you tried petitioning about that bug in EVE? They may be able to suggest a quick fix or something. Unless you know for sure that it's a problem with your machine.

Posted by: Godlesswanderer at May 6, 2008 5:38 PM