Torchwood Series 2: Preview

Torchwood returns to BBC on Wednesday 16th January, at 21:00 on BBC2. It'll be showing in the US on HDNet from Monday, February 11th.

This article contains speculation, spoilers, and rumours!

So, there've been a few preview spots on BBC, one of which features John Barrowman as Jack alternately snogging and fighting with a new character, played by James Marsters. This is, of course, pretty nearly the ultimate in slash fiction wish fulfillment - although possibly without the fighting. I do know of one regular slash reader who's a little disappointed with it, though; she says there's no speculation left in it when it's so direct.

We also know that Martha Jones, played by Freema Agyeman, is going to make an appearance in Torchwood during this season. Martha was last seen leaving the Doctor at the end of series three of Doctor Who. There are various other rumours floating around as to who else is going to appear in the series, but few enough are confirmed.

The Telegraph reports that there will be "family-friendly" repeat of each episode shown after the initial episode has aired. This means, I suppose, that few to none of the more adult themes will be central plot points - there are a few episodes from season one that couldn't have been made family-friendly in that sense without showing a blank, silent screen for half the episode. That same Telegraph article says that the relationship between Jack and Ianto will be developed, and that there will be less angst.

SFX have a bunch of interviews with nearly all the leading folk in Torchwood. Eve Myles reveals that Gwen and Rhys will be getting married, and that she's faithful to him. Digital Spy has a line in a short article where she's quoted as saying that Jack is "is a huge temptation - for men and for women, for dogs and for cats. For everybody!" Chris Chibnall says that Gwen has been in charge while Jack was away - a period measured in weeks or even months. He also says that actors such as Alan Dale, Richard Briers, Nerys Hughs, and Ruth Jones are appearing.

Kai Owen (Rhys) is more involved in this series than the last. Gareth David-Lloyd (who looks very indie-goth in that picture) reports that Ianto is going to be doing a lot more stuff this series - more fighting, more driving, and apparently he really likes driving the SUV.

Episode One, 56 hours away. Are you ready?

Posted by Drew Shiel at January 14, 2008 12:25 PM

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