EVE: Armor Tanking Dominix

So I got the Dominix built, and was slowly working up to large guns - or rather, working up to Gunnery V, which is a pre-requisite, when my Myrmidon got blown out from under me again. This time, it wasn't necessarily my own fault - I'm suffering from occasional freezes in the game, and I'm not sure if it's the connection, the PC, the mouse software, or something in the game itself. Anyway, I was lined up on a warp-out station, and I was right-clicking to get a menu, and nothing was happening. When the screen moved again, I was in a pod.

So (after some swearing, and a consolatory bottle of beer) I sat back to consider whether I could run medium rails on a battleship. It sounds daft, but my damage is more from my drones than my guns. Poking around the EVE forums led me to consider a fairly solid armor tank, and when I found I could run a Capacitor Recharger II without further training, that decided it.

Six medium rails up front, five CRIIs in the mid slots. In the lows, I have two large armour repairers, 2 cap relays, and, at the moment, 3 chunks of plating. I can't yet run the armor hardeners that are needed to make this loadout work at its best - they'll replace the plating - but I have the best cap recharge time I've ever had on any ship, and can run two large armor repairers without immediately running out of cap. My guns are still doing respectable enough damage, and I'm skilling up for the hardeners now. Once I have those in place, I suspect that I should be able to run through Level 3 missions without having to bail repeatedly for repairs. And the HUGE drone bay on the Dominix is no harm either...

I'm going to be chasing down some more armor tank relevant skills for bit before I get back to the Gunnery V, I think. More cap efficiency, for one thing - I don't know if it's possible to get to a state where I can run both reppers and all six guns and keep the cap stable, but if I can, that would be excellent. I also have my eye on a capacitor control circuit or two - they're currently going for 20million or so, but if that helps me to get to Invulnerable Tank Dominix of Doom, I can live with that.

Posted by Drew Shiel at January 7, 2008 5:47 PM

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Having quickly run your build through EFT, it looks like you probably need very few skills to make it able to take 195dps.

I put on Large 'Accomodation' Armor Reppers which you should be able to pick up on the market. If you need any let me know, I have a few spare I think.

Replacing the plates with a full suite of N-Type Hardeners will bring you up to 320dps. If you can find the room for a Damage Control II as well that will bring it up to.. 376 sustained DPS soakage. That's alot for a level III mission :)

If you need anything let me know...

Posted by: Yoritomo Aleta at January 8, 2008 4:11 PM

Here is my level 4 mission running Domi. I love the ship, even if a raven is the optimal mission runner, I don't feel like training up Caldari for the one ship.

HI: 4x Ion Blaster II's 2x Drone Range
MID: 5X Cap Recharger II's
LOW: 2X Large Armour Rep II's 3X Hardener II's 1x True Sansha Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane, 1X Damage Control II
RIGS: 3x Cap control Circuits

You need the rigs and ALL the mids to make this cap stable. I have 29m skill points and haven't found a way to remove a single one of those cap regen modules, save from going for officer mods, even then you may only free up a single mid slot!

Most damage is of course from the drones. You can take full aggro from a lot of level 4 missions and just let the drones work their way around. A bit slow but it does the job very cheaply. You don't need faction mods at all but tech II is very important for the tank related modules. Hi slots are filled pretty much just for whatever fits. Neutrons would be nice but arent going to fit without Advance Weapon Upgrades 5 and a 5% implant.

Posted by: Shadow Ballet at February 2, 2008 6:39 AM