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Research in EVE Online is a slow, awkward process. It's mainly slow because the research slots in NPC stations have projects queued for days, possibly months in advance. It's possible to get around this by renting research slots in player-owned stations (POS), or even by building your own. They're the only kinds of stations it's worth building in the higher security areas, really.

Building a high-sec POS, however, requires excellent standings with the organisation who hold control of the system you want to build in, as well as a hell of a lot of ISK, both starting out and continuing. So that's going to have to wait, for me.

However, to rent slots, there's often a necessity to be a member of at least the same alliance as the corp or player who owns the station. So my main character isn't going to do awfully well at that - but an alt who has their own, one-character corporation could do nicely. In that light, I sat down last night and created Q'eng Ho, a Caldari Achura who came out of the character creation process with Laboratory Operations V. Once I have the cash to spare, I'll give him enough to create his own corporation - Sierra Tango Research, maybe, or Sugar Tare Research if I'm feeling retro. Or something else entirely.

Ho can then join a research alliance, and get access to those nice juicy research slots with only hours on the clock, and that'll provide much nicer blueprints for Atrakus - my main - to manufacture from. The only difficulty, really, is in getting the blueprints to him, and I'll have to do some digging on the topic of how to transfer items between alts. This will be especially interesting when Ho is going to be sitting at a research station somewhere, and Atrakus is operating somewhere else entirely. I might have to look into creating courier contracts; I don't want to spend that much time doing shuttle runs across ten- or twenty- jump journeys.

Nice, highly researched blueprints, though. Something to look forward to!

Posted by Drew Shiel at August 22, 2007 9:31 AM

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