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So there's a meeting of the Board of Directors of SierraTangoCorp [SITAC] this coming Saturday, and unusually for an EVE-Online corporation, we're meeting over burritos and beer in Ranelagh. At the moment, SITAC is composed entirely of people who have a connection through Irish gaming circles. We're meeting to talk about plans for what we want to do in EVE, and how the corp can best support those plans.

At the moment, I'm engaged in trading, which is getting me some decent returns, some mission-running, and the occasional bout of rat-hunting in the local asteroid belts. I'm also skilling up in industry - 2 days, 13 hours left until I have Production Effiiciency IV, and I'll be going pretty directly into PE V after that.

I have two real long-term goals; become as rich as possible from manufacturing, and get to the stage where I can fly a carrier. Manufacturing is an odd process; there's almost no point in starting it until you have high skills, and even then, you're going to end up producing ammunition and drones for the first while. The other point is that BPOs - blueprint originals, from which goods are manufactured - start out as relatively inefficient devices, and only get better when you spend time researching them. Research, like manufacturing, is done in stations, using Material Efficiency or Time Efficiency slots. Time Efficiency slots can sometimes be found, but the Material ones... the shortest wait for a free one that I've seen is 21 days.

There are, however, some corporations who run research-capable player-owned stations, and there's the possibility of renting a slot from them. Ideally, that needs a character with Laboratory Operations V to be sitting at that station, with permissions to use the slots. But that - depending on the corporation - may well require the character to be a part of at least that corp's alliance. So even using an alt for this is a long and complex process.

In the short term, though, I'm soon going to be building battleships for one of my corpmates - he's got hold of a set of BPCs - blue print copies, one-use blueprints - for Abaddon battleships. They're two levels of ship above my current best capability, a cruiser, and it's going to be a definite pleasure to reach that far ahead and really make stuff.

EVE is a fantastically involved game, even when I'm playing for relatively short periods in real time.

Posted by Drew Shiel at August 21, 2007 8:41 AM

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