The Life and Times of Captain Jack Harkness

I'm in two minds as to whether this post should go under the "Doctor Who" category, the "Torchwood" category, or even a brand new category of "Captain Jack". Anyway: contains spoilers.

It strikes me that Jack Harkness is so very suitable for a spin-off series that he knocks Sarah-Jane, K9, the rest of Torchwood, and any other possibilities, into a cocked hat. We could see Jack:

- be heroic and dashing right through a century and a half!
- be involved in Torchwood from practically the very beginning!
- avoid all previous (and future) incarnations of the Doctor, while still seeking out the right one!
- try to avoid meeting himself , or the other himself, or the "real" Jack Harkness during World War II!
- explain the lack of interaction between Torchwood and UNIT!
- flirt with anything that can talk back!

And of course, the fanfic possibilities are mind-boggling.

Posted by Drew Shiel at June 21, 2007 1:57 PM

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