Games I Want To Run

One thing I can definitely say for the change from D&D to Fate - it has my mind doing overtime on games I could possibly run. Since I have two campaigns currently running, and a third mini-campaign starting soon, I don't have time to get started on these, but I figure a list out where I can see it would be useful.

Victorian X-Files: Set in England in the Victorian era, this campaign would tell the story of a group of people who are convinced - rightly or wrongly - that there is more to the world than the authorities of the day allow to be known. The focus of the game would be more on the characters and their interactions than on whether there really is more to the world.

The Dark Lord Won: In the style of the published Midnight setting, this would be a world in which a Sauron-style great enemy prevailed over the forces of light and goodness. This story is about ordinary people who try to find a way to make the world better, when there's no secret heir, no prophecy about a great hero, and no real sign of anything better, unless they make it that way themselves.

Another World: A version of Earth in which magic works, and has always worked. This would involve a lot of work, of course, because an alternate history of this magnitude would be pretty huge. The actual story, I've no idea, this one is all setting. I imagine it coming out feeling rather like China Miéville's Bas-Lag, though.

Planar Traders: The setting would be a loose collection of demiplanes and linked worlds, with varying methods of communication and access, a little like the story setting in Magic: The Gathering. The story would concern a household or company of merchants and traders, clawing their way back from disaster to a dominant position in the economy of their multi-planar city.

The Sirildar: The Sirildar were an ancient race in my own existing setting of Davon - an offshoot of elves, obsessed with power, magic and demonology. This campaign would have Sirildar PCs, attempting to build or topple an empire, by way of pacts with infernal powers.

The Empire of the Dead: Again in Davon, there's a nation who hold that necromancy is the apex of magic, and who are using that and other powers to expand from one city-state to an Empire. But something is very wrong within, and only the PCs, scions and retainers of a fallen noble house, know what it is.

The Forgetting People: A few days ago, you awoke with terrible amnesia in a place - indeed, a whole world - that seems unfamiliar. All the other people you've met since are likewise afflicted, and there are no signs that anyone has ever lived here, only wilderness. Further, some of them speak of magic, some of technology like nothing you've ever heard of before, and nobody knows what's happening.

I have more in mind, too, but they're even less formed than these, or depend on events in campaigns I'm currently running, so that I don't want to give secret plot elements away.

Posted by Drew Shiel at May 29, 2007 4:27 PM

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