Doctor Who: Smith and Jones

This is a roundup of rumours and speculation concerning Episode One of Series Three of Doctor Who.

Well, first off, we know that Martha Jones is introduced in this episode. Word is that the hospital in which she works (variously "St. Thomas' Hospital" or "Royal Hope Hospital") is transported to the moon, and invaded by a "plasmavore" and a clan of alien warriors called the Judoon. The Ice Warriors, which the Mirror claimed were going to appear, don't seem to feature.

Some concept art implies that the Doctor's sonic screwdriver is going to broken during the episode - and of course we have the flame images from the BBC's own site to back up the general disaster theme.

The episode name comes from the Doctor using his old alias of "Smith", which has been used at various points in the old series where he definitely needed to be called something. Although it has to be said, he's made it through two new series without once needing a name, so why now?

I'll be interested to see exactly how he persuades Martha to go with him - presumably, even if the hospital is left lost and abandoned on the moon, she's still a medical student. Rose could leave her job at short notice, but Martha's going to have to have some more justification.

There's still a fair bit of hostility to the new Companion - even the comments here on have shown a lot of it, and I had to remove some of the more, ah, vehemently worded ones, because they would have tripped a lot of filters.

Posted by Drew Shiel at March 20, 2007 9:20 AM

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can you send me the simth and jones 45 minutes seriece 3 with marth jones full please
thank you

Posted by: liliya at January 19, 2008 11:34 AM