World of Darkness MMO

Magnus Bergsson, the CMO at CCP, has confirmed in an interview with Slashdot that they are working on concepts for an MMO set in the World of Darkness, White Wolf's tabletop RPG setting.

Some choice quotes:

Magnus: White Wolf has some assets we didn't have.[...] they have this fantastic IP, which we are converting into an MMO. But, ahh, I don't have any more information on that because it's early stages. We're still designing the gameplay and everything else, but we're very committed to making that into an MMO, so that relationship has been fantastic.


Slashdot: I know you really can't .. you're already in the planning stages, but I have to ask. Are there plans to use the whole World of Darkness license or, is right now thinking moving more towards one of the specific parts of the World of Darkness, moving there?

Magnus: We just don't know yet, this is exactly what we're doing right now, is thinking about how the game will play, so anything I would tell you about that right now would probably be a lie. I don't want to make a liar out of myself.

So there's some interesting stuff going on there. Looking forward to seeing what comes out of that. The interview is well worth reading for the EVE content as well, of course.

Posted by Drew Shiel at March 16, 2007 12:35 PM

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