White Wolf to Release EVE Tabletop

According to a post by a developer (Will Hindmarch) in a thread on the RPG.net forums, White Wolf are definitely planning to release a pen-and-paper EVE RPG.

White Wolf is actually a really good match for EVE - while the emphasis in the MMO is certainly on trade and corporations, the setting as written is pretty dark. I can't see EVE without mass tactical combat, though, which isn't WW's normal style. I'll also be very interested to see if any aspects of the one-universe effect make it through to the tabletop game - particularly, if any of the events that have stemmed from player actions in EVE make it to the setting book or books.

All the action in the online game, though, is in ships, possibly even as ships. I'll be fascinated if the tabletop game jumps ahead of proposed upgrades to the online game, and concentrates on person-to-person interaction, rather than ship-to-ship.

And I suppose there'll be a lot of interest around whether it's a new mechanic, or White Wolf's traditional bucket-o'-d10s. Doesn't bother me much, really, it's the setting I have the most interest in.

Posted by Drew Shiel at March 14, 2007 12:48 PM

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