Fitting Haulers for EVE Online

The Iteron (Bright Harvest) is up and running, and the amount of space in the cargo hold of a hauler is absolutely stunning. I've a picture of it here, for those curious about the look of the game.

Bright Harvest

At present, it has a railgun - it could have a mining laser, either - expanded cargo holds, and some shield boosters. I don't have the skills yet for other shield augmentations.

Fitting a mining laser on the Iteron isn't the smartest way to go about mining, though. You need some other ship that can mount two or more high slots, and even if the cargo hold isn't big, you just jettison the ore, and keep piling more into the resulting cargo container ("can"). After about 40 minutes of that, you fly back to the station, pick up the hauler, and come fetch the goods. The 40 minute limit is so that the can doesn't explode; they only last an hour, and the hauler is slow. I might have to buy some actual cargo containers, but I'm not certain that the belts I'm mining in now are worth that much effort.

A Navitas would probably be the best ship I have access to at the moment for mining - bonuses to cargo capacity and mining laser yield - but it only has two high slots. If I run my Tristan (Moonrise) instead, I can run two mining lasers AND two missile launchers, thereby providing some protection against the various NPC pirates that skulk in asteroid belts, even in high-security areas. So once I've trained up in missiles, bought the launchers, and bought the missiles, I can start mining to get the money to buy a Vexor, which will be an even better mining ship. And on the way to the Vexor, I'll be training up skills that I can also use for the Thorax, which will be my fighting ship at some distant point in the future.

Posted by Drew Shiel at November 23, 2006 11:30 PM

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What I did while mining in regards to a Thorax was I bought one Thorax and then bought a combat fitting and a mining fitting. If you fit enough Miner II's you can get close to the amount of ore that you would get with a Mining Barge.
Then you can take off all the mining lasers and such and fit your railguns or whatever you bought for your combat fitting.

I havn't tried using a Vexor to mine with because I'm now using Mining Barges but that's just my personal experience with Thoraxes

Posted by: Karl Gookey at January 18, 2007 7:40 PM