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Having tried EVE Online earlier in the year, I was provoked by the card game to go back and take another look. This time, though, I actively hunted for a corporation - the EVE equivalent of a guild.

After a bit of poking around to re-acquaint myself with the system and how things work, I went looking on the forums for a corp. Having found a suitable one, I went back into the game, plonked myself on their public channel, and introduced myself. Public channels are something you don't see so much of in WoW, since there's a limit to the number of channels you can be on. EVE doesn't seem to have that limit, or at least, I've never heard of it.

After a few questions about what I wanted to do in the game, one of the established members contacted me on a one-to-one channel, and gave me some advice on characters. After some discussion, we decided to scrap the one I had, and start a new one. A few minutes later, I was back in, and getting guidance on initial skills. My tutor dumped 200,000 ISK into my account for me to buy skills and a ship, and talked me through joining the corp and lining up the first few skills.

It's such a difference it's almost unbelievable. Instead of the half-random pokings around of the last character, this one is now well-planned, well-financed, and likely to succeed quickly in whatever path he sets out on - mining and manufacturing, in this case. And the corp are working on building their own station, and setting up defenses to protect it and keep it running, which is an area I have a huge interest in. Player owned structures, and player governed areas of space, alongside the vast areas of manufacture and trade, are what distinguish EVE from almost every other MMO I can think of.

I think I might stay with this one for a while, this time.

Posted by Drew Shiel at November 8, 2006 7:21 PM

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