Torchwood Release Date

There's a lot of information now available about Torchwood, including an official Torchwood site from the BBC. Here's a summary of what's out there.

The important news is that the premiére is soon - October 22 on BBC Three.

And there's a full list of episodes and writers:

1. "Everything Changes" by Russell T. Davies
2. "Day One" by Chris Chibnall
3. "Ghost Machine" by Helen Raynor
4. "The Trouble with Lisa" by Chris Chibnall
5. "Small Worlds" by P.J. Hammond
6. "Countrycide" by Chris Chibnall
7. "Greeks Bearing Gifts" by Toby Whithouse
8. "They Keep Killing" by Paul Tomalin & Dan McCullich
9. "Invisible Eugene" by Jacquetta May
10. "Combat" by Noel Clarke
11. "Out of Time" by Cath Tregenna
12. "Captain Jack Harkness" by Cath Tregenna
13. "Apocalypse" by Chris Chibnall

Only one by RTD, which is a relief, and the usual heavy end-of-season title. A respectable list of writers, and I see Noel Clarke's episode stayed in - I'll be very interested to see how he works out as a writer.

Posted by Drew Shiel at October 14, 2006 12:31 PM

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