More on RMT

Further to this morning's article on bots in WoW, Gama Sutra have published a feature article entitled IGE: Inside the MMO Trading Machine. It contains some direct quotes from the people who run IGE, including this interesting one:

"Currency is the easiest thing to deal with - it's the reason we have currency in the first place."

... which is an interesting statement in and of itself, as is:

"Economies flow their natural course. Economies that try to restrict import/export are not usually as vibrant as those as facilitate it."

I can see possible situations in the future where there's a peasant class (in the social sense) of gatherers in MMOs - the present day gold farmers - along with a merchant class, the current crafters and auctioneers, a sort of martial nobility of the PvP types, the gentry-estate owners that are now PvE players, and even a mercenary class composed of the raiders.

Posted by Drew Shiel at August 25, 2006 9:32 PM

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