WoW Battlegroups

I apologise to my non-MMO-playing readership for the rather technical nature of this post. The battlegroups are up on Blizzard's European World of Warcraft site, and I really have to ask - whose bright idea was it to group the Argent Dawn RP realm with 6 PvP servers?

For those still wondering, battlegroups are the new development in World of Warcraft's 1.12 patch, Drums of War, that allow the battlegrounds to be combined across a number of servers. Essentially, this means that whereas before, the only people in the battlegrounds were from one server, now they can be from several. Theoretically, this will go some way toward countering the population imbalance issues, and reduce the time spent waiting for battlegrounds to open - that is, for there to be enough people to get things started. This kind of thing has been done before in Dark Age of Camelot, among others, where it's called server clustering.

So, the folks from Argent Dawn are going to be confronted with people who've levelled all the way on PvP servers, and who won't have the slightest interest in RP. I'm sure there's some reasoning for the grouping, but it seems to be that it would have been a lot more sensible to group like with like, and leave Argent Dawn operating with the other RP servers.

Posted by Drew Shiel at August 15, 2006 10:40 AM

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