Adam Adamant Lives!

Anyone remember Adam Adamant? I don't, but I do recall hearing older relatives saying that television had gone downhill "since the days of Adam Adamant". It's being re-released by the BBC on DVD.

It was a BBC TV series in the 60s, with a slight sci-fi spin, wherein Gerald Harper played an Edwardian gentleman-adventurer, frozen in ice by an enemy, and thawed out into an era of Mini Coopers and miniskirts. He goes on to fight evil in all forms, with a sword-stick. Like Doctor Who and many other early BBC shows, a number of the episodes were lost when the archives were purged, but as it was very episodic, they probably won't be missed too much.

I haven't had much interest in vintage television before, but this sounds like something that might appeal, and with the memory of the old folks talking it up, I may have to have a look at this re-release.

Posted by Drew Shiel at July 14, 2006 3:33 PM

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