WoW Endgame Boost in 1.11

It looks as though the developers have been paying some attention to the World of Warcraft endgame - which, given the game has been out for over a year, is where most of the attention of the players lies. They may even be doing something for the casual endgame. Namely, they're eliminating a lot of the nuisance elements in and around Light's Hope Chapel, by turning it into a quest hub, with an inn, mailbox, vendors, and so on. Not having to trek back and forth from the Undercity (and wherever the nearest Alliance centre is) will make playing in that area far more comfortable.

There's also mention of dozens of quests, although inevitably, some of these will centre on Naxxramas, the new super-elite-raid dungeon. Seeing as I've yet to see the inside of AQ, I've not much hope of seeing that one anytime soon.

They're adding a flight path in Ratchet, for which my lower-level alts thank them profusely. The run from Ratchet to Crossroads is one I can do in my sleep by now, and being able to fly it instead will be a pleasure.

Other highlights include keyrings, mage and shaman revamps, changes in item stacking, cooldown alterations, and, apparently, a legendary item quest. Although considering the "casual-friendly" Tier 0.5 armour quests (which at one point require a group of five to complete a tough dungeon in 45 minutes), I'm not going to hold my breath until I get that.

Full patch notes here - this is still on the test realms, mind, but they usually don't change much between public test and release.

Posted by Drew Shiel at May 22, 2006 11:39 AM

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