Starbound & Hiatus

The reason I was asking about space opera definitions is that I'm starting work on a science fiction setting, and I wanted to know if it was space opera or not. It may well actually fit into that category, but I'm not awfully sure I like the genre label all that much. So for now, I'm going to label it "epic sci-fi".

I'm working on it as setting first, and purpose second - that is, it may be used for gaming in, for writing short stories in, for vignettes, for full size novels, or anything else that comes to mind. To match my fantasy setting, generally titled Spellbound, this will be Starbound. So far, I have a bunch of ideas, I'm driving Nina crazy by talking about it all the time, and I have a rough logo. More will, hopefully, follow.

Partly to work on this setting, and partly because I'm approaching burnout on running fantasy games - or indeed, games at all - I'm going to take a hiatus. This is predicted to last about three years. I'll still be involved in gaming, and I'll rpobably still run occasional games, but after I finish out my current campaigns, I'm not going to run any more for a while.

Posted by Drew Shiel at January 16, 2006 9:28 AM

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