Doctor Who: Images of Childhood

Russell Davies' new Doctor Who series on BBC has been a resounding success, and is going to run to at least a third season. There have been a few common themes throughout the series, the most notable and important of these having been the Bad Wolf references. There's a quote from Davies in a news article for CBBC saying that there'll be another such reference in the second season, but what I'm noticing now as I look back through the episodes of the first are all the references to childhood.

First of all, there's the obvious visit to Rose's childhood - and Mickey as a child - in Father's Day, and all the children in The Empty Child. There are images of playgrounds here and there, particularly in parts of episodes near Rose's home. There's the hand-holding motif, which occurs again and again, and the fairy-tale references that have been dropped in from time to time.

I know Davies is looking to appeal to kids as well as to adults, but I'm wondering if there isn't some deeper meaning as well.

Posted by Drew Shiel at June 20, 2005 2:09 PM

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